Niernoventy ; Sandu Siyoto ; Dhita Kurnia Sari


Homosexual (gay) is a global problem and has become a phenomenon hat is widely discussed in the community. The existence of homosexual (gay) in the kediri city currently reached 145 people , based on the data KPAD Kediri in 2012. Gay is an interest in the same sex attraction to the same sex (sexual orientation). Sexual orientation is caused by a complex interaction between environmental factors, cognitive and biological. The purpose of this study is to explore and describe the factors associated with homoseksuial behavior (gay) . This research used a descriptive research design with qualitative approach. Social situation of this research among homosexual (gay) in kediri city. The Instrument used is the research own and in-depth interview techniques. Technique of sampling used by the researchers that the informant snowball sampling amounted to 6 people . The results showed that the someone become to homosexsual not far from a experience pass time such as Psychology some informants in the past have experienced less favorable than their own parents or relatives. Parent is partially informants spoiled by his parents in a small time even until now . Given toys such as dolls and cared for just like women. Over all the informant obtain sexual abuse and sexual harassment in the past. Such as oral eratism genitals actors, in harmony (not sex) and make informants traumatic and feel it has been true activity. Based on the result s informan get closer to God Almighty,so that informants be like men in general as well as a positive activity, useful for the community and society.

Keywords : Behaviour, Homosexsual (gay)