Tatik Handayani

Akafarma Sunan Giri Ponorogo Cosmetics is a substance intended to be used on the outside of the human body (epidermis, hair, nails, lips and external genital organs section) or the teeth and oral mucosa, especially to clean, perfume, change or improve appearance and body odor or protect or maintain body in a good condition. (decision of the Head of National Agency of Drug and Food of the Republic of Indonesia No. HK. 2011. One of the products emerging in the market are mainly cosmetic skin care, whitening creams. Skin lightening creams are also referred to as skin lightening cosmetics that have a nature to reduce spots (pigmentation) of the skin. Skin lightening creams often contain mercury because this material gives a faster effect than other whitening active ingredient. The purpose of this study was to determine the presence or absence of mercury and its compounds in the lightening creams. According to the Decree of the Head of National Agency of Drug and Food of the Republic of Indonesia No.HK. 2011, this material may be prohibited because of the danger that can cause a variety irritations of skin, damage of brain, kidney, liver, fetal disorders and even cancer. Identification of mercury and its compounds was conducted using mercury deposition reaction by a solution of potassium iodide and the formation of copper mercury amalgam. This research was conducted at the Laboratory of Sunan Giri AKAFARMA Ponorogo. The results showed that of the 10 brands of skin whitening creams, there is only one sample containing mercury, while 9 samples did not contain mercury. Thus, it can be concluded that all nine samples qualify while one sample not meet the requirement .

Keywords : Identification of Mercury , Whitening Cream, precipitation of Potassium Iodide and Mercury Amalgam Formation of Copper