Jurnal Agusta Dian Ellina, S.Kep., Ns, M.Kep

Onion and ginger extract to cholesterol stabilizers in the blood


At this time a lot of people who have health problems and only rely on drugs – drugs to treat pain chemicals that have side effects that are harmful to health. Yet if we examine further many plants around us that we can use for the treatment of naturally smaller side effects or no side effects but may improve the health of our body. Garlic and red ginger essential oil has a substance and shogaol useful as a controller of cholesterol in the body. The research objective is to prove that garlic and red ginger has usefulness in stabilizing cholesterol levels.

We use a research experiment with methods one group pretest posttest. This study develops a new research or new approach and applied directly and studied the results. The data was tested by t – test.

Results of the t-test showed significance <0.05 then H0 is rejected means there Effect of Ginger Garlic Extract Capsules for Lowering Cholesterol Levels in Blood with the averages reduction in 22,133 of the 30 respondents were given treatment for 45-60 days.

Garlic and red ginger contains essential oils and sogaol. Both of these substances have the advantage capable of absorbing cholesterol circulates in the blood and be excreted through the urine, so as to assist in stabilizing the levels of cholesterol in the human body.

Keywords: onion ginger extract, experimental methods, stabilizers cholesterol in the blood.