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Laporan Kerang Sidoarjo

Citric Acid Reduces The Content Of Pb And Cd Of Kupang Beras

Kupang is nutritious fishery product, but on the other hand it also been contaminated by Pb and Cd which has been endangering human being. Therefore, it is necessary to decrease the content of Pb and Cd in Kupang so that it is safe to be consumed. The objective of this research is to study the use of citric acid to decrease the content of Pb and Cd in kupang beras (Corbula faba) as much as possible. The research is True Experimental and used Completely Randomized Design with 3 treatments, namely, the addition of 5.3 %, 16 % and 26.6 % citric acid, and compared with control.The data obtained from the research finding show that without treatment (control) the average content of Pb is 1.281 ppm, Cd is 1.254 ppm,. Pb content in Kupang beras is 1.281 mg/kg , it means that Kupang beras allowed to be consumed by human being that is 156-234 gram/day. Cd content in kupang beras is 1.254 mg/kg, it means that kupang beras allowed to be consumed by human being is 19.9 – 47.8 gram/day. The research findings show that
by adding citric acid there is decrease of Pb by 96.1-97 %, a decrease of Cd by 97.5 – 98.9 %, The best addition of citric acid used to decrease the content of Pb and Cd heavy metals 26,6, % concentration.
Keywords: Corbula faba, Pb, Cd citric acid


Faktor-Faktor Yang Berhubungan Dengan Error Rate

cover nov 2012

The study objective was to determine the factors associated with an error rate of pulmonary TB suspects sputum examination in Tulungagung. This study uses observational study design (data collection as well at some point), the analytic survey by survey or study that tries to explore how and why the health phenomenon occurs, with cross sectional approach. The results showed no relationship between the quality of the reagents with an error rate of pulmonary TB suspects sputum examination, there was no relationship between quality microscope with an error rate of pulmonary TB suspects sputum examination. There is a relationship between sputum collection with an error rate of pulmonary TB suspects sputum There is a relationship between making smears with an error rate of TB sputum examination paru.Tidak suspect there is a relationship between staining smears with an error rate of pulmonary TB suspects sputum examination There is no relationship between the reading of smears with an error rate of pulmonary TB suspects sputum examination.
Key words : error rate, TB suspects, sputum examination


Correlation Between Adolescents' Knowledge On Drugs Hazard And Their Behavior In Drug Abuse In Tulungagung

Adolescence also is synonymous with a crisis of confidence. Feeling nothing to be proud of, teens looking for ways to exist in society. This means that all claims must be obeyed socially either sex, drinking, clubbing, to smoke marijuana. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of knowledge to the youth about the dangers of drug use behavior of adolescents in drug abuse in Tulungagung. The study design used is associative observational study with cross sectional approach, the population is around teen Tulungagung, using proportional random sampling technique, a sample is taken from some teenagers in Tulungagung with random sampling. The study was conducted on 16 February 2006, using a questionnaire instrument. Knowledge of adolescents about the dangers of drug use in Tulungagung note that 91 respondents (75.83%) had good knowledge. Behavior of adolescents in drug abuse in Tulungagung note that 114 respondents (95.00%) did not use the drug, while the results of the analysis indicate that there is a knowledge of adolescents about the dangers of drugs on the behavior of adolescents in drug abuse in Tulungagung. Seeing these results, it is advisable for the school to work with local health authorities to provide counseling on a regular basis to remind their students about the dangers of drugs. (FMI 2013;49:124-127)
Keywords: knowledge, behaviour, drugs, adolescents


Jurnal Internasional Effect Catechin

Aim: This study aimed to investigate whether a catechin isolated from GMB-4 green tea is able to increase the reducing equivalent system and nitric oxide (NO) level in endothelial cells exposed to high glucose (HG) level. Materials and Methods: Endothelial cells were obtained from human umbilical vascular tissues. At confluent, human endothelial cells were divided into five groups, which included control (untreated), endothelial cells exposed to HG (30 mM), endothelial cells exposed to HG in the presence of green tea catechin (HG + C) at the following three doses: 0.03; 0.3; and 3 mg/ml. Analysis of NADP+, NADPH, and NO levels were performed colorimetrically. Results: This decrease in NADPH was significantly (P < 0.05) attenuated by both the 0.3 and 3 mg/ml treatments of catechin. HG level significantly decreased NO compared with untreated cells. This increase in NO was significantly attenuated by the 0.3 mg/ml dose of the catechin. Conclusion: In conclusion, catechin isolated from GMB-4 green tea prohibits the decrease in NADPH and NO in endothelial cells induced by HG. Therefore this may provide a natural therapy for attenuating the endothelial dysfunction found in diabetes mellitus.
KEY WORDS: Endothelial dysfunction, green tea, high glucose level, oxidative status


Keterkaitan Pengetahuan Dan Perilaku Petugas Kebersihan Dalam Penanganan Sampah Di Hotel Kediri

jurnal stikes 2014

Good waste management in hotel is very important, because the hotel as a means of accomodation services to the public, where people stay in. Health problems can be caused of disease transmission. To avoid that the cleaning service should have good behaviour on garbage management. This research purposes to determine the correlation
between knowledge and behavior of cleaning service on garbage management at Hotel in Kediri.This research used of associative observational design with cross sectional approach, the population was all cleaning service of Health service institution of hotel in Kediri about 37 persons, the sampling technique used purposive sampling in accordance
with the criteria of researchers (exclusion and inclusion). The used for data collection was questionare and observation sheet to know behaviour, which analyzed by using chi square statistical test with 5% sigficance4 level.The research result shows that 8,8% respondentsts have good knowledge (73,5%) respondents have enough knowledge, (17,6%) have less knowledge, (17,6%), (11,76%) have good behavior, (73,5%) have enough behavior and (14,7%) have less behavior. From the analysis known there was correlation between knowledge and behavior of cleaning service on garbage management atHotel in Kediri.Based on the research result it is need to improve the knowledge of cleaning service because with increasing knowledge it can develop the good behaviour in garbage management.
Keywords: Knowledge, behavior, cleaning service and garbage management


Jurnal Internasional Relationship

Scavengers are workers in the informal sector who has not getting the health care as appropriated. The conditions of scavengers environment in an open environment so that the condition is directly related to sun, dust, and odor or garbage. Behavior in the use of personal protective equipment, eating a healthy and balanced, and personal hygiene is a way to protect and keep scavengers from health hazards, especially disorders of skin health. The design of research is a survey Cross sectional analytic approach to the total population (50 respondents). The information had been take from observation and questionnaires to found independent variable with dependent variable used correlate statistic test. The results showed that 17 respondents (34.0%) used equipment protect (Gloves, shoes, body protect) and 17 respondent (34,0%) used body protect, mask, and cap (cap, mask, gloves, shoes, and body protect), and 35 respondent (70,0%) obedient eating a healthy and balanced, and 50 respondent (100,0%) obedient personal hygiene. From the statistic correlate test result had relation between relationship of behavior of personal protective equipment to health status of skin with significance value is = 0,000 < alpha 0,05 the Ho rejected. And then test result had relation between relationship of behavior of eating a healthy and balanced to health status of skin with significance value is = 0,000 < alpha 0,05 the Ho rejected. And this result had relation between relationship of behavior of personal hygiene to health status of skin with significance value is = 0,000 < alpha 0,05 the Ho rejected. The results proven of research is the need to increase healthy behaviors and preventive health disorders of skin on the landfill scavengers Kediri, which aims to change attitudes and awareness of landfill scavengers to healthy behaviors that manifest good health scavengers.
KEYWORDS: APD Behavior, eating, personal hygiene, health status, skin