Jurnal Novita Ana Anggraini, S.Kep., Ns,M.Kep

Giving Effect Of Dragon Fruit Peel Essence To Detect Formalin In Soya Flour In Market Setono Betek And Market Pahing Kediri City


The anthocyanins contained peel of dragon fruit can be used as a test to detect the presence of chemical compounds such as formaldehyde, because anthocyanin will easily react when mixed with a strong acid because the pH content of dragon fruit skin is very strong so the color will be more intense if it binds with acid, this study aims to know skin of dragon fruit extract can be used to detect the presence of formalin in food especially soya flour .
This study used a pre- experimental research design one- shot case study. The study population all traders soya flour Setono Betek and Market Pahing in Kediri city. There is all population 15 traders while the sample was 13 merchants Independent variables of this study dragon fruit peel extract and formaldehyde detection variable dependen to detected a formalin in soya flour In collecting data using observations with statistical test using Kruskal Wallis test .
The test results using visual test mostly negative samples of formalin as much as 8 positive samples and 5 samples were formalin. To test the results of the test using the test kit and dragon fruit peel essence mostly negative samples of formalin as many as 10, and 3 samples were positive samples formalin. Results of statistical analysis the Kruskal Wallis test, the test at significance level α = 0.05 obtained sig.= 0.610 then H0 is accepted and H1 is rejected, there is no difference between the visual results of formalin test, dragon fruit peel essence test and test kits , and the value of Kruskal-Wallis = 0.610 .
Dragon fruit peel essence can be used to detect the presence of formaldehyde in soya flour this is evidenced by used test using kits obtained similar results between test using dragon fruit with peel essence with the test kit .
Keywords : peel Dragon Fruit Essence, Test Kit, Visual Detection formalin, soya fluor.